Lufthansa Technik’s Stunning Boeing 777X Private Jet Concept


  • Lufthansa Technik has unveiled the CelestialSTAR, a VIP cabin concept for the BBJ777-9 aircraft.
  • The cabin design combines traditional Middle Eastern influences with modern twists, emphasizing the vastness of the sky and the contemporary purity of design.
  • Lufthansa Technik will have a virtual tour of the cabin available at the upcoming Dubai Airshow, which begins on November 13, 2023.



Lufthansa Technik, in partnership with Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), has unveiled the CelestialSTAR: a VIP cabin concept for the BBJ 777-9 aircraft, which includes stunning renders. According to the German company, the concept was unveiled on the occasion of the Dubai Airshow, which will start on November 13, 2023.

Potential head-of-state aircraft

Lufthansa Technik pointed out that the spacious interior, which covers more than 340 square meters (3,659 square feet), was specifically designed for very very important people (VVIP) and head-of-states’ aircraft. The final designs of the cabin combine “traditional influences from the Middle East’s cultural heritage with a modern twist.”

“With CelestialSTAR, Lufthansa Technik’s design team aims to emphasize both the contemporary purity and the typical Middle Eastern geometric design patterns as well as the vastness and openness of the sky: a reminiscence not only of the widest cabin among all newly available VVIP aircraft types, but also of the diversity in the Middle Eastern philosophy.”

The company highlighted the cocoon-like Private Bed and Bathroom, which, combined with the adjacent Work&Balance area, formed a multifunctional Private Suite for passengers. As a result, the area can become a self-contained retreat that offers the utmost privacy, allowing travelers to “enjoy the largest rain and massage shower ever designed for a private jet or make themselves comfortable in the generous king-size bed.”

Lufthansa Technik pointed out that the CelestialSTAR “primarily targets customers from royal families in the Middle East, who usually fly around the world with large delegations.” Because of this, the second part of the cabin offers generous accommodation, which includes six suites, 32 business class-like seats, and rear cabin-located premium economy seating.

The design will be presented at the Dubai Airshow 2023 with a film and a virtual tour through the cabin at the event. The company noted that the concept was built based on data provided by Boeing, ensuring “the technical feasibility of the design from the outset, because only one hundred percent correct dimensions were used as a basis.”

Selling a BBJ777X

During the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in May 2023, Boeing announced that it received orders for up to four BBJ aircraft, including an option for a BBJ777-9. Joe Benson, the President of BBJ, remarked at the time that the VIP aircraft, which also includes the BBJ737 MAX and BBJ787, are “designed on the platforms of Boeing’s best-selling commercial airframes, customers recognize the value in operating the most reliable and capable jets in world.”

“With the right combination of comfort, performance and best-in-class operating economics, the BBJ family offers VIP customers all the features they are looking for in a business jet.”

But the United States (US) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) still needs to certify the 777X. According to Brian West, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Executive Vice President of Finance at Boeing, who spoke during the company’s Q3 2023 earnings call, the program’s “timeline is unchanged and we plan to resume production later this year.” Boeing expects to deliver the first 777-9 and 777-8F in 2025 and 2027, respectively.

A folding wingtip of the Boeing 777-9

Photo: BlueBarronPhoto | Shutterstock

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Still, Boeing has already brought a 777X to the Dubai Airshow 2023. According to Flightradar24 data, a Boeing 777-9, registered as N779XW, departed Seattle’s King County International Airport or Boeing Field (BFI) on flight BOE1 for Dubai World Central International Airport (DWC), arriving at its destination at 2:11 pm local time on November 7, 2023.

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