The Sequel To The World’s Largest Cruise Ship Is On The Way

The cruise industry is abuzz with excitement as Royal Caribbean has just made a groundbreaking announcement. The company has recently announced the sequel to the world’s largest cruise ship – The Star of the Seas. Cruise enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly anticipating this remarkable addition to the seas. Building on the success of their record-breaking flagship vessel, Royal Caribbean is once again setting sail with a thrilling sequel.

The Icon Class Ships, a marvel of modern maritime engineering, are setting new standards in the cruise industry. With an amazing 20 decks and dimensions that include 250,800 gross tons and a staggering 1,198-foot length, these vessels are truly iconic. Currently, two remarkable members of this class, the “Icon of the Seas” and the “Star of the Seas,” are in the works at the esteemed Meyer Turku shipyard in Turku, Finland.

The “Icon of the Seas” has already made waves by successfully completing its sea trials. It’s now all set for a transatlantic voyage to Florida scheduled for December 23. This comes with the exciting prospect of its maiden voyage with customers starting on January 28, 2024. Notably, the demand for this spectacular cruise experience has been overwhelming. Royal Caribbean has found it necessary to add more sailings.

Speaking on the matter, Royal Caribbean’s President and CEO, Michael Bayley, said: “The idea of combining the best of every type of vacation into one ultimate adventure has created more excitement than ever anticipated, and Star of the Seas will be the next bold answer to the record-breaking consumer demand we’ve seen for nearly a year and counting with Icon of the Seas.”

Setting New Standards In Sustainability and Entertainment

What makes these ships even more impressive is their commitment to sustainability. Both cruise ships are powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), contributing to Royal Caribbean’s eco-friendly efforts. They also have shore power connections, aligning with the company’s mission to achieve a net-zero emissions cruise ship by 2035.

“Star of the Seas,” following in the footsteps of “Icon,” will feature a six-slide waterpark, seven pools, the Surfside neighborhood at the ship’s aft, and an enormous glass dome that forms the innovative AquaDome neighborhood atop the vessel. This expansion of the Icon Class Ships fleet stands to set a new standard for the ultimate cruise adventure.

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